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The official start of the Wagner Manufacturing Company was in and you can see the centennial commemoration of this in the version of the cast iron frying pan. In addition, the brothers manufactured tin hollowware for government contracts. Tin hollowware is describing general tableware like sugar bowls, tea or coffee pots, soup containers, hot food covers, water pitchers, platters, butter plates and other metal items that went with the dishware on a table. Hollowware does not include flatware. Bernard and Milton Wagner are credited as the first to cast iron for cookware in Sidney, Ohio. WagnerWare was born. You can tell the quality difference pretty much immediately. Do you have dull knives? Check out an electric knife sharpener — the best sharpener for kitchen use.

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Have you or a loved one ever struggled to get a consistent sear on a rib-eye steak? Do you often find yourself sweating over the sink in a battle with crusted-on food, or replacing cookware every couple of years? Would your life be drastically improved if you owned a single pan that’s versatile enough to be used for sunny-side-up eggs in the morning, fried chicken for lunch, beef stew for dinner, and a baked apple crisp for dessert?

While the oldest-known cast-iron artifacts tools, specifically date all the way back to ancient China , the concept of cooking with cast iron emerged in the 18th century Europe , when pieces of the iron alloy were melted down and poured into sand molds for cauldrons and pots. By the late 19th and 20th centuries, you could find cast iron cookware in most American kitchens thanks to its durability and low cost of production.

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After drying the pan, oil the pan and cook vegetable scraps on low heat. This procedure takes away the smell of iron and creates an oil coating to prevent it from rusting. If you think the oil is left too much, we recommend you boil some water in it after the above procedure for about 5 min. How to keep food from sticking to the pan Heat the pan beforehand and then add oil. This prevents food from sticking to the pan. Food tends to stick to the pan if the pan is not heated enough before you start cooking.

How to keep it from rusting To clean, do not use kitchen soap. Just scrub it with a natural brush and water lukewarm is preferable. After washing, please make sure to heat it again to let the water completely evaporate.

Cast-iron cookware

If you’ve begun looking for vintage, antique American cast iron cookware for your kitchen, it’s practically a guarantee that you’ll hear about Griswold and Wagner, brands considered to be the “gold standard” of cast iron cookware. But when you go looking for these pans on eBay and in antique malls, you’ll soon find they are almost always overpriced and expensive. Because of their popularity, Griswold and Wagner pans can be difficult to find.

I have not attemped to clean it any. As far as I know only the pot is original. I believe the ring and handle was made for it at a later date. The stand the ring.

Welcome to Love Antiques, where you will find a wide and varied selection of antique fireplace accessories for sale from some of the best antiques dealers across Europe and the UK. Whether you are looking for an accent piece for your home, or you are an avid collector of vintage fireplace accessories, we are confident that you will find the perfect vintage fireplace accessories for your home or collection with which you will fall in love.

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The body of the coal receiver is attractively embossed This is a really good example of a late Victorian, aesthetic period coal scuttle dating from around The coal box is in excellent condition, beautifully polished, with a lovely Part of a17th Century carved wooden fireplace surround. The middle section has deep carvings of plants and birds. The side pillars, show angels with flowers and plants. Middle section 27 x 6. A good example of a classic Victorian coal bucket in the helmet style.

There are no repair or restoration signs at all and it clearly shows the seamed joins

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Back to Exhibitions. European Trade Goods European trade goods included woollen and cotton cloth, buttons and beads , tobacco, guns, ammunition, iron and steel , metal pots and pans, and sheets of copper. Major sources of jade were found on the Fraser River and in the interior of northern British Columbia. Jade is a hard stone used to make war clubs and adze blades. Obsidian Obsidian Trade Item Ca.

Trade in this choice material can be traced by modern scientific “finger printing” techniques to more than 10, years ago in British Columbia.

– Vintage copper cauldron with cast iron handle, dating from the 19th century. φ Conditions: it shows oxidization marks, stains, scratches and.

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. A cast aluminium electric kettle by Christensen, Christchurch, with decorative Maori motifs in the form of figures supporting the wooden handle and raised on three brass ‘tiki’ feet. The interior with British Empire Exhibition medallion …. Sunshine electric kettle , ceramic, c remains of label on base 23 cm high. A Victorian copper kettle , fixed handle. Large antique French copper fish kettle with swing handle, approx 13 cm high, 83 cm long, 17 cm deep.

An Art Nouveau spirit kettle on stand, attributed to W. S Benson copper and brass kettle housed on weighted copper tripod base, overall height A large copper and brass handled fish kettle, French, 19th century. Antique French fish kettle , approx 13 cm high, 57 cm wide, 16 cm deep. Large antique French copper kettle, approx 32 cm high. Large copper kettle. Copper kettle. A Sunshine Electrix ‘Face’ ceramic electric kettle, s, the moulded character face, reputedly a caricature of T….

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Read more. Georgian Antiques has antiques for sale. Circa , unusual very large cast iron cauldron, in the classical shape with slight ribbing on the sides, two lifting handles and standing on three legs.

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The Wagner Manufacturing company began making cookware in in Sidney, Ohio. Today, collectors prize Wagner cast iron frying pans, Dutch ovens and bakeware for both its beauty and durability. You can find Wagner cookware at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and from online dealers. Dating Wagner cast iron can be tricky, but several clues can help you arrive at the approximate date your cookware was manufactured.

Turn over your cookware so the bottom is facing up. Make note of all markings on the bottom of the pan and their location. At various times the Wagner Manufacturing Company used curved and straight logos, with or without the “Sidney, O” designation underneath. Some older pans have no logo at all. Pans may or may not say Made in the USA. Also look for a size designation, usually a number, such as 8.

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A cauldron or caldron is a large cast iron pot kettle for cooking or boiling over an open fire, with a large pot and frequently with an arc-shaped hanger. The word cauldron is first recorded in Middle English as caudroun 13th century. It was borrowed from Norman caudron [1] Picard caudron , French : chaudron. The word “kettle” is a borrowing of the Old Norse variant ketill “cauldron”.

Cauldrons can be found from the late Bronze Age period – vast cauldrons with a capacity of litres.

that the iron vessels were cast, though cast iron was used in a limited way for ages (e.g. Lough Erne), and these may be for the most part later in date, 16th.

Iron is a common material used to create tools, weapons, and everyday equipment. It is a very common find for archaeologists on historic sites in Ontario as it dates back to European contact. Iron was introduced from Europe in the 15th century. The most common iron artifacts found on historical sites are nails. Nails have changed throughout the years as different processes have become available.

By looking for different features, archaeologists are able to tell how old a building might be. These objects were filled with impurities and were generally weak in comparison to purer iron objects. Blast furnaces work by inserting iron rocks into the top of the furnace and adding fuel for the fire wood charcoal and other flammables. Once temperatures reach an excess of 1, degrees Celcius, the iron ore melts and flows to the bottom of the furnace.

Slag is made up of glass-like substance due to the silica within the melting rocks. Wrought Iron is created from low carbon iron and contains a lot of silica, making it the weak.

Cast Iron Cooking Pot

Covid Info: We appreciate your support of us and other small businesses and are committed to keeping our staff and customers healthy and safe during this difficult time. Please expect delays in shipping and restocking. Our food safe cast iron potjie pots have a traditional, pot belly shape, large mouth top for easy cooking, attached steel handle, and 3 long legs to stand proudly above your campfire.

It comes complete with the cast iron lid.

This large cast-iron cauldron is designed according to the shape of the potjie, a cooking vessel that archaeologists have found throughout the world dating back​.

Our stew pots are sturdy and rest on three legs or a tripod. We have cast iron wash pots that will develop their own seasoning after years of cooking. These cast iron stew pots are extremely durable and can be passed down through many generations. Our stew pots are well made and have useful designs. The cast iron wash pots in our inventory come with a three-post stand for superior stability.

These cast iron stew pots are ideal for cooking for a large group, and our stainless steel bayou spoon makes serving food easier than ever. This camping cookware offers cooking accessories for those who enjoy cooking outdoors. We have wash pots that come in a variety of sizes. Some of our stew pots can be found in small sizes like our four-gallon pot. Some cast iron wash pots can be found with up to a gallon capacity.

As you can see, cast iron stew pots come in many different capacities.

Size 10 Potjie Pot Cauldron Pure Cast Iron

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Each step in manufacturing the iron kettles, from the making of the molds to attaching the handle, requires advanced skills and meticulous work. Technical details.

Cast iron wash pots have been made for centuries. Minor changes in the casting process over the years produced subtle differences in the pots that make it possible to estimate when they were made. One can most easily tell how old the pots are by looking at the markings on their undersides and their handles. As casting techniques were refined, changes were made in the way the iron was poured and the manner in which the pots were ground and finished, making newer pots smoother and more uniform-looking.

Check to see what symbol is stamped there. The oldest pieces, made prior to the mids, will have a circular “sprue” mark on them.

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Cast-Iron skillets, and tasting dishes read here the first book to view the start using it.

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The cast-iron skillets in your kitchen probably came from Lodge Manufacturing Co. Lodge is a rare bird, a company that built a global business without selling out its hometown. The brick home just has that substantive, sturdy look of a place that once housed the most important family in town. The house was built in by one Joseph Lodge. Edith married Charles Richard Kellermann. I definitely want to look at her stuff.

Identifying Old Cast Iron Pans

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