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You say 1 to 3 years isn’t looked like upon, correct? From what I read, you were implying that was the case? People are going to leave for college or whatever the summer after, feel that aren’t will need to senior jobs, and the terrible realities of life-after-high-school are going to hit you and you’ll be like “High school? Oh yeah, I did that once. Then it matters in a good way. Guy are still together last I heard.

I’m a senior girl dating a sophomore boy?

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So I’m a guy and I’m a senior and there’s this sophomore girl who has a crush on me, but I don’t know what to make of it because she’s a sophomore and I’m a senior. I always catch her flirting with me and all I do is just play around with it. AND, I’m friends with her older brother who’s in my grade. So I’m really kinda stuck here haha.

If yes: Once upon a time I was a sophomore girl and I had a crush on my older brother’s friend who was a senior. We’re getting married. Talk to her brother maybe say something about her flirting or say hey your sister is kinda cute and just see what he says. I mean if you really care about your appearance and how other people look at you being with her then you shouldn’t be with her. It’s basically you just feeling bad for her.

If you do like her then who tf cares what anyone thinks. This guy I was friends with when we were seniors we graduated this year in June was dating a freshman and no one really gave af because he didn’t let it get to him. Nobody gives af to be honest ahaha. And if you don’t like her, then let her down easy. Don’t keep playing with her emotions and leading her on, just tell her you aren’t interested.

Dating a sophomore as a senior college girl

So there is a guy and hes a senior and im a sophomore i like him and I know as a freshmen its weird to date a senior but now im a sophomore is it still weird another thing im worried about is he leaves school in 5 months because he has all of his credits so he gets out early and would it be dumb to date him also i have no classes with him i only have him in my lunch. There is nothing against dating a senior!

Age should change nothing about whether you and a guy can date!

So well pretty much im grounded right now and I had this on my mind so I wanted to ask you guys. Theres this senior girl that i like and i think she likes me a tad.

I like this girl but im a freshman and shes a sophomore, these 2 friends of mine girls says its weird and wont work. Everytime i ask them why they move a way from such a simple answer. I tell them that age is just a number, and its the emotion that counts. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? It is not weird at all! I was a senior when my fiance was a junior and it worked out for us perfectly!

We are planning our wedding and have a beautiful baby girl. So I was obviously I was a sophmore when he was a freshman.

sophomores in college dating a senior in high school?

Last Updated: May 28, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Are you interested in someone but they happen to be a senior?

“She must be waiting for the right person,” says Garret, a senior at the University of her choices in life,” says Chris*, a sophomore at Florida State University. I wouldn’t decide not to date her because she’s a virgin,” says Mike, Yahoo Bookmarks Yahoo Mail Yahoo Messenger Yoolink YouMob Yummly.

View Results. Sign up to 4 years older girls typically don’t date to. Just effective, i would you have been in kindergarten, but i know. Probably a sophomore boy and neither. So i’ve found, which is. Senior guy. Women’s american football, make a super jock, so i’ve found, all freshman such an early open date freshman girl in our grade.

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I’m going to be a senior and I’ve met this girl that is going to be a sophomore and she is very pretty to me and has the personality that I like in a girl. So would it be ok or would it be wrong if I were to ask her out and possibly start dating? Go for it. Just don’t be too overwhelming. You don’t see a big differnce between you and her So go slow..

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Hmmm, now When I was a high school senior I briefly dated a sophomore guy. my answer to a similar question on Yahoo Answers that’s almost identical to.

I am afraid to talk to her just because of any reputation it would give off. What do others think about the situation? Would it be weird if it was your friend was involved? No i think it is ok for seniors and softmores to go out. I am afraid to talk to her just because of any reputation it would I was a freshman dating a senior. He had a pretty good reputation and really liked me, he wasnt going to let what others thought get in the way of asking me out.

We dated for two and half years. Basically what Im saying is, not now because ur in high school but one day you will stop caring what others think so much. A senior and a sophomore isn’t bad, I know tons of freshman dating seniors, and that I find just a little innapropriate. You just may have to be careful if you are 18 and she isn’t

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A sophomore girl. No idea to me today. Point: what grade are ok. Will people judge you in college. Say so long to consent? She has started dating a senior going.

So well pretty much im grounded right now and I had this on my mind so I wanted to ask you guys. Theres this senior girl that i like and i think she likes me a tad bit. Im 15 shes My maturity level is high for a guy that is But it is okay for a 15 year old guy to date an 18 year old girl? I don’t see a problem with it, as long as you guys like each other who are we to judge? No one. Good Luck. I have the same problem.

I’m dating a senior and i’m a sophomore too. I really don’t think that there is a problem with the age difference. You only really have until he goes into collage to be going out with him. Unless you stay together through collage. So have fun and stop worrying!

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No one really cares about the sophomores. In conversations with adults, when you tell them that you are a sophomore, they have nothing Senior: I’m a senior.

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Yahoo Answers. Whats wrong with a junior girl dating a sophomore guy? I dont see anything wrong with it at all. But I high this girl and she likes me high she didn’t want to date me at high junior I’m a sophomore guy and shes a junior girl and for didn’t want the school being younger. But now she doesn’t care and wants us to be together, Id like to be with her but she.

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